Advanced Stock Market Technical Course with Secret Tips

What we Are going To learn ?

  • Operators Physcology
  • Basis To advance Technical analysis
  • 5 Intraday rulebased Strategies
  • Swing Trading, Positional Trading , Investment
  • Advance Stocks Selection
  • How To enter And Exit with Proper Stop loss !

Reasons to choose King Research Academy

Our motto is “Learn, then Earn”. We have only one goal down here: To help you succeed as a trader & make retail traders profitable.

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SEBI Registered Analyst

You get to learn from a SEBI registered research analyst with an experience of 14 years in stock market.


Access to Premium Students Group

You become part of a premium student’s group with hand holding support & lifetime break out charts sharing.

Real Trading Knowledge

We don’t teach what is available in books but we teach a real way to trade

4.9 from 1250+ people on Google Review

We are not here to brag. But glance at our students’ feedback of 4.9+ rating from 1250+ people

Highly Powerful Trading Strategies

Lay your hands on 10+ Highly Powerful Trading Strategies / Techniques with Market Psychology

5000+ Charts Reviewed

We will be going through approximately 5000+ CHARTS throughout the 10 days course analysing them

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    We have more than 1000+ profit screenshots available

    Overwhelmed. Stuck. And Frustrated

    All because you see other are making profits from market, and know you could too, if only you could get this strategy piece figured out.

    We can change your trading approach and make you GROW !!!

    Trading Physcology – 60%

    Risk Management – 20%

    Trading Strategies – 20%

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    Free Stock Market Chart Learning (especially on verge of breakouts)

    You gain free access to our Algo premium membership worth Rs 20,000 per month as long as you trade in the account opened under us

    Everyday 3 – 5 premium trades, purely intraday calls without Carry Forward.

    Will share Personal Secret Intraday & Positional Strategy only for Premium group members not available on the web, or any book.

    Free stock market training with charts.

    4.9 Google Rating from 1614 + people

    • Dear Harry sir, I will give you 10/10 for the class which you took with utmost dedication and interest. It reminded me of my school teachers who showed the same dedication and interest towards us while we were in school whom I'm always …

      Suresh Kumar
    • I have been trading before but mostly on tips basis and most of my trades were in loss. Then I watched kingresearch videos on YouTube and I was determined that I will join their class. Harry Sir is a wonderful teacher and and I am really …

      Neelendu guha dam

    15+ Free Stock Market Strategies


    Founder of King Research Financials

    Technical Analyst | StockMarket Consultant | Learner| Advisor | Mentor | Full Time Trader

    • Full time Professional Trader
    • SEBI registered research analyst.
    • 14+ years of Trading experience.
    • Founder of King Research Academy
    • Stock Market Mentor – trained more 3000+ students
    • Learner & passionate about researching strategies
    • Graduate in MBA(Finance) – Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bengaluru

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