harry ka weekly news letter-EP22

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Harry ka Weekly News Letter

In the short term business of any company hardly fluctuate,  But stock prices of that company daily fluctuating.

Good investing means focusing on business, such businesses will create value over time.

We are suggesting some good stocks to work on both side buy and sell.

‼️DIVISLAB        दिव्य feeling

💢VEDL.               Stop Here

🔥SBICARD.         Create panic zone

📉RECLTD.            Selling side

💥M&MFIN.          Seems tough


#harrykaweeklynewsletter Ep22

Read full article to know the levels and target 🎯.

Note: Only for educational purpose

Our Motto Learn then Earn

Best stocks to trade today are:-

  • DIVISLAB -Last Closed @ 3676

Yes above 3747 you can buy for the targets of 3876-3930 with tight stop loss of 3710-3670.

  • VEDL – Last Closed @ 225

Yes below 231 go short for the targets of 241-247 and with the tight stop loss of 223.

  • SBICARD – Last closed @ 852

Yes once break 876-881 you can think for sell no buying at all for the targets of 827-817 and with the strict stop loss of 901.

  • RECLTD – Last Closed @ 130

Yes Below 129 you can think for short with the targets of 121-117 and with the tight stop loss of 133-136.

  • M&MFIN – Last Closed @ 197

Yes around 201-205 you can go short will also act as strong hurdle for the targets of 191-187.

  • TATA MOTORS – Last Closed @ 440

Yes around 447-451 you can go short with the tight stop loss of 457-461 and for the targets of 427-421.



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