harry ka weekly news letter-EP13

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Harry ka Weekly News Letter

In the short term business of any company hardly fluctuate,  But stock prices of that company daily fluctuating.

Good investing means focusing on business, such businesses will create value over time.

 We are suggesting some good stocks to work on both side buy and sell.


#NAUKRI.             WAIT & WATCH

#MPHASIS.         FIRE है FIRE

#LUPIN.               दवा को दुआ लग गई

#GUJGAS.           सोच लो ले लो

#TVSMOTORS.   रफ्तार कम है




#harrykaweeklynewsletter Ep13

Read full article to know the levels and target 🎯.

Note: Only for educational purpose

Our Motto Learn then Earn

Best stocks to trade today are:-

  • Naukri – Last Closed @ 4768

Once cross 4927 buy with the targets of 5370-5436.

  • MPHASIS – Last Closed @ 3055

Above 3107 grab it with the targets of 3147-3171 and above 3176 will see more fire.

  • Lupin – Last closed @ 774

797-801 will act as the hurdle above this you can grab it with the targets of 836-851.

  • GUJGAS – Last Closed @ 532

above 543 you can grab it with the targets of 557-571 and the support will be 521-517 any panic or decline will only think for buy.

  • TVSMOTOR – Last Closed @ 650

643-641 will act as the support on the break of 641 you can short it with the targets of 631-627.

  • ADANIPORT – Last Closed @ 838

Yes support  835 once break this level will think for short with the targets of 821-817.

  • M&M – Last Closed @ 865

Below 857 you can short it with the targets of 837-831.

  • TechM – Last Closed @ 1409

Below 1396 you can short it with the stop loss of 1427 and targets of 1381-1376.

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