Harry के cherry shares ep 97 best intraday stocks for tomorrow

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Harry ke Cherry Shares

Do you want to make profit in Intraday? Here, we are coming with 8 powerful stocks after Research and our Expert Analysis.





These are stocks, you can trade on Monday.

📊ABB.                Going good

📈INDHOTEL.     Rest with best

🛑UPL.                 Follow SL

🔆RAMCOCEM.  Hat’s off to stock

💢RBLBANK.      Not interested

📉GRANULES.    बिखरा हुआ

💥 GRASIM          time not in favor

📈BSOFT.              Become hard

#HarrykecherryShares Ep97

Read full article to know the levels and target 🎯.

Note: Only for educational purpose

Our Motto Learn then Earn

Best stocks to trade today are:-

  • ABB – Last Closed @ 2107

Above 2130 you can easily grab it with the targets of 2176-2230 with the stop loss of 2107.

  • INDHOTEL – Last Closed @ 256

Above 262 you can buy it with the targets of 271-275.

  • UPL – Last Closed @ 828

Above 836 no worry at all you can grab it with the targets of 861-867 and with the stop loss of 827.

  • RAMCOCEM – Last closed @ 813

Yes once crossed 813 you can think for buy with the targets of 837-841.

  • RBL Bank – Last Closed @ 120

Below 118 you can short it with the targets of 113-111 with the targets of 121.

  • Granules – Last Closed @ 281

Yes Below 279 we will see sharp panic and below this will think for sell with the targets of 271-267.

  • GRASIM – Last Closed @ 1685

Below 1676 lion hearth traders can go short it with the targets of 1647-1636.

  • BSOFT – Last Closed @ 414

Below 409 you can sell it with the targets of 397-391 and with the stop loss of 413-417.

Result of our Yesterday’s Calls

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