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Harry ke Cherry Shares

Do you want to earn life-long from your investments?

 We are not making you a big bull but we make you powerful. In this video we are going to share most powerful stocks you can trade on next working day.


💢AMBUJACEM   इस STOCK में जान है।

🛑FSL.                   Follow SL

‼️RBLBANK.         कुछ तो बात है।

📊WHIRLPOOL     wait for हवा का झोंका

📈ADANIPORT.      डूबता जहाज

📉AUBANK.            Stop Stop stop

🔆AXISBANK.        थम गई जिंदगी

💥BAJAJFINANCE think for sell

#HarrykecherryShares Ep82

Read full article to know the levels and target 🎯.

Note: Only for educational purpose

Our Motto Learn then Earn

Best stocks to trade today are:-

  • AMBUJACEM – Last Closed @ 316

Buy Around 317-319 you can grab it with the targets of 327-331.

  • FSL – Last Closed @ 133

Above 136 buy it with the targets of 141-143 by keeping the stop loss of 132.

  • RBL BANK – Last closed @ 141

Around 143-144 you can easily buy  with the targets of 151-157.

  • Whirl Pool– Last Closed @ 1674

Above 1671 you can buy it with the targets of 1727-1741 and the support will be 1668-1656.

  • Adani Port – Last Closed @ 844

Below 840 you can short it with the targets of 827-821 and below this will see more panic.

  • AUB Bank – Last Closed @ 1310

Below 1298 go short with the targets of 1276-1271.

  • Axis Bank – Last Closed @ 781

Yes below 780 you can short it with the targets of 767-761 and here the hurdle will be 791-796.

  • Bajaj Finance – Last Closed @ 7378

Yes below 7396 you can sell it with the stop loss of 7476-7536 and go long.

Result of our Yesterday’s Calls


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