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Harry ke Cherry Shares

In the short term business of any company hardly fluctuate,  But stock prices of that company daily fluctuating.

Good investing means focusing on business, such businesses will create value over time.

 We are suggesting some good stocks to work on both side buy and sell.


#JUBLEFOOD.           yummy taste to come

#MOTHERSUMI.       Big blast stock

#BANKOFBARODA. India’s international stock

#HDFCAMC.            No buying @ all

#LALPATH.              No response

#GLENMARK.         कहां गई life?

#CHOLAFIN.           Follow SL

#HarrykecherryShares Ep77

Read full article to know the levels and target 🎯.

Note: Only for educational purpose

Our Motto Learn then Earn

Best stocks to trade today are:-

  • Jublefood – Last Closed @ 2632

Above 2701 you can buy with the targets of 2776-2830.

  • Motherusmi – Last Closed @ 135

Above 140 you can easy grab it with the targets of 147-151 and here your stop loss will be 137.

  • BankBaroda – Last closed@ 111

Above 111 you can buy with the targets of 117-121 and here your stop loss will be 108.

  • HDFC AMC – Last Closed @ 2092

Below 2100 you can short it with the targets of 2046-2030 and here hurdle will be 2127-2141.

  • LAl Path Lab – Last Closed @ 2559

Below 2571 you can sell with the targets of 2507-2476 and below this will see more panic up to 2430-2410.

  • Glen Mark – Last Closed @ 444

Below 443 keep stop loss of 449-451 and go short with the targets of 436-431 and below 431 will see more panic.

  • Cholafin – Last Closed @ 762

Below 721 you can easily short with the targets of 697-691 and here the stop loss will be 736-741.

Result of our Yesterday’s Calls

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