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Harry ke Cherry Shares

Do you want to earn a life-long from your investments?

We are not making you a big bull but we make you powerful. In this video we are going to share the most powerful stocks you can trade on Tuesday:

📈ADANIPORT.   Full on in form

💥AXISBANK.     Apne feeling wala stock

📉BATAINDIA.    मजबूती के साथ आगे बढ़ो।

⚡️DIVISLAB.       Lab is in focus

🔥TITAN.             मंहगाई की मार

📊SIEMENS.        Follow SL

✨WHIRLPOOL.  ठंडी हवा गायब

💰UPL.                 Panic stock

#HarrykecherryShares Ep141

Read full article to know the levels and target 🎯.

Note: Only for educational purpose

Best stocks to trade today are:-

  • ADANIPORT – Last Closed @ 726

Yes once crossed 736 will think for buy will see fire in Adani with the strict stop loss of 721 and for the targets of 767-771.

  • AXISBANK – Last Closed @ 680

Yes 683 will act as strong resistance above this will grab it for the targets of 697-707 with the stop loss of 776.

  • BATAINDIA – Last closed@ 1839

Yes above 1851 you can grab it with the tight stop loss of 1827 and for the targets 1887-1905.

  • DIVISLAB – Last Closed @ 3729

Yes above 3751 you can think for buy for the targets of 3870-3930 don’t  forget to keep stop loss of 3710.

  • TITAN – Last Closed @ 2155

Yes once stay below 2140 will see sharp panic and will think for short for the targets of 2109-2076 and here the hurdle will 2177-2191.

  • SIEMENS – Last Closed @ 2676

Yes below 2660 sharp panic on card will think for sell with the stop loss of 2696-2707 and for the targets of 2610-2570.

  • Whirpool – Last Closed 1665

Yes below 1650 no buying at all only think for sell with the strict stop loss of 1676 and for the targets of 1627-1611.

  • UPL – Last Closed @ 690

Yes below 681 you can think for short for the targets of 667-661-657.

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