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Harry ke Cherry Shares

Do you want to earn a life-long from your investments?

We are not making you a big bull but we make you powerful. In this video we are going to share the most powerful stocks you can trade on Wednesday:

🔥ABCAPITAL.       Last hope पर बात आ गई।

📉BHEL.                सब गड़बड़

📊CUMMINSIND. Particles now combine

⚡️HINDUNILVR.  Hindustani stock

📈IPCALAB.         Kéep SL.

✨ LUPIN              गजब वापसी

‼️ METROPOLISH दौड़ती गाड़ी

#HarrykecherryShares Ep137

Read full article to know the levels and target 🎯.

Note: Only for educational purpose

Best stocks to trade today are:-

  • ABCAPITAL – Last Closed @ 89

Yes last hope with 87 once break will think for short for the targets of 81-77 and if breaks 77 will see more panic on AB Capital will think for short for the targets of 60.

  • BHEL – Last Closed @ 45

Yes below 44 will see panic and will only think for short with the tight stop loss of 47 and for the targets of 41-39.

  • CUMMINS – Last closed@ 1064

Yes above 1061 will see dead cat bounce you can go for buying side for the targets of 1096-1127 and with the stop loss of 1045.

  • HINDUNLIVR – Last Closed @ 2402

Yes above 2417 no worry at all will see fire here we will only think for buying with the targets of 2456-2471 and with the stop loss of 2396.

  • IPCALAB – Last Closed @ 929

Yes once stay above 931 just think for buy and sit relax for the targets of 956-961 with the strict stop loss of 917.

  • LUPIN – Last Closed @ 630

Yes above 637 grab it with the tight stop loss of 627-624 and for the targets of 657-661.

  • METROPOLISH – Last Closed @ 1453

Yes above 1467 you can think for buy for the targets of 1576-1607 with the stop loss of 1426.

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