Harry के cherry shares ep 120 best intraday stocks for tomorrow

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Harry ke Cherry Shares

Do you want to earn life-long from your investments?

 We are not making you a big bull but we make you powerful. In this video we are going to share most powerful stocks you can trade on Monday.

 ‼️ULTRACEMCO.  ultra filtration needed

💢RAMCOCEM.    Cement की बहार कहां है?

🔆M&M.                 कुछ तो गड़बड़ है!

🛑DALBHARAT     not trustable now

📈ICIGI.                  Not insured itself

📊HDFCLIFE.         Merger is having good news

🔥RELIANCE.         Gainer of the week

#HarrykecherryShares Ep120

Read full article to know the levels and target 🎯.

Note: Only for educational purpose

Our Motto Learn then Earn

Best stocks to trade today are:-

·       ULTRACEMCO – Last Closed @ 5677

Yes below 5611 no buying at all will see highly bearish you can sell below 5600 with the targets of 5470-5430 and here the stop loss will be 5817-5836.

·       RAMCOCEM – Last Closed @ 631

Yes 624 will act as our crucial support below this you can short with the targets of 611-607.

·       M&M – Last Closed @ 1029

Yes below 1027 no buying at all only think for sell with the targets of 1047-1061 and with the hurdles of 996-980.

·       DALBHARAT – Last Closed @ 1257

Yes below 1236 will see panic here will only think for short with the targets of 1207-1190.

·        ICICIGI – Last closed @ 1215

Yes below 1210 you can short at this level for the targets of 1186-1177.

·       HDFCLIFE – Last Closed @ 621

Yes above 621 you can buy with the stop loss of 613 and for targets of 636-641.

·       RELIANCE – Last Closed @ 2778

Yes hurdle 2830 once cross this level you can buy for targets of 2876-2900 and with the stop loss of 2810.


Result of our Yesterday’s Calls


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