Harinder Kumar Sahu – A SEBI registered Research Analyst having 14+ years of trading experience

Hi! My name is Harinder Kumar Sahu

  • Full time Professional Trader
  • SEBI registered research analyst.
  • 14+ years of Trading experience.
  • Founder of King Research Academy
  • Stock Market Mentor – trained more 3000+ students
  • Learner & passionate about researching strategies
  • Graduate in MBA(Finance) – Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bengaluru

Born and raised in Haridwar. I was inquisitive in trading since I was in 12th Standard. During my teenage I spent a good deal of time becoming aware of how stocks fluctuate by paying heed to a group of retired officials who were trading.


In 2007, I diligently joined a business that gave trading recommendations and trading help to its clients and investors in order to pursue a career in trading with the goal of working in a Research Team. However, I was recruited as a customer service representative. I dealt with a variety of investors, traders, analysts, and research professionals at work, which honed my perspective of trading psychology.

I started my own financial business when I left. My goal in launching this mentorship is to assist as many retail traders as possible by providing simple and innovative tactics that will enable them to achieve their goals.

I sought to “stir up” this sector by redefining the essential ideals when I founded King Research Academy. You’ve most likely seen me (or my work) someplace… Perhaps it’s due to my YouTube channel, which has over 6 million views and 150k+ followers.

Here’s the thing:

Unlike other trading service providers that offer “the same basic approaches,” we give you something unique. I’ll teach you how to be a self-sufficient and competent trader who can work from home. You may be your own boss and do what you want without having to answer to anyone.

Sounds impressive?

FYI, owing to a lack of effective risk and money management during my early trading days, I lost roughly 33 lacs in a single trading day.

Shocking!!! That’s correct, I’d completely blown out my account.

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you. That is why I will assist you in avoiding such costly errors. I think that investing in yourself – by studying, practising, and adopting a disciplined strategy – is the key to becoming a competent trader.

Without the blessings of my parents, the aid of my Gurus, and the unwavering support of my wife, brother, and the King Research Academy team members, I would not have achieved this pinnacle of accomplishment.

This helped me become a successful professional trader which enabled me to generate a ROI of 4200% (47k to 20 Lakhs) in just 6 months (please click here for live ledger video). Not for a moment have I forgotten my humble beginnings and the long way I have come up since then.

King Harry aka Harinder Kumar Sahu
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