Advanced Stock Market Technical Course with Secret Tips

Trading is a lot like a game of CHESS

Chess is easy to learn, but practically impossible to master. But with King Research you will master these skills.

At KING RESEARCH we teach you how to checkmate the opponent keeping your investments safe.

All our strategies are planned & designed in a set up with

Trader or Gambler

Have you made money gambling in markets? Feeling happy & you believe you can make it again. Of course 100% you can make it again by Gambling but do understand you can make once, twice, thrice but when it hits back it will ensure your loss is twice all your profits.

So If you are wanting to gamble in the market. STOCK MARKET IS NOT A CASINO,So gamblers better please stay away before wiping out your entire account !!!!

Reasons to Learn From King Research Academy

Our King Research Students Profit Screenshots

Are these reviews real or hoax? Is it credible to have a 4.9 Google Rating from 1050 + people

Trying to guess what makes us appealing to students which makes them give us such a high rating! Or do you think it might be fake? Awaken your senses! Anyhow, you have to trust Google; it does not permit you to create 1000 fake profiles & give reviews. These reviews are all GENUINE.

The reason behind such high ratings is that we make them understand & analyse the psychology behind every market condition & students have been taught with highly powerful trading techniques with perfect risk management set up.

We don’t teach on our pre planned charts. You bring the charts of your wish of any market with any time frame. We analyse & explain the concepts + psychology on your charts what’s correct set up & what’s wrong set up with valid reasons. YOUR CHARTS OUR CONCEPTS.

We will be going throughapproximately 5000+ CHARTS throughout the 10 days course analysing them. Isn’t it going to be an incredible experience!

OMG? Is this possible or has the trainer gone insane?

It's obvious we are ZEALOUS about our work!
This is only possible with HARINDAR SAHU & KING RESEARCH ACADEMY.

What can you expect from this Course?

  • You will have peace of mind while trading without fear, even stop loss has been hit.
  • On commencing this course you will first learn Market Psychology how stock market works.
  • Understand big players' trap.
  • How to trade with Secret Multi-confirmation analysis.
  • Accurate Risk Management & Money Management Techniques used by mutual funds.
  • Learn how not to depend on indicators rather understand Price Action Behavior.
  • The two most unavoidable emotions that come into play when trading are fear and greed. You can learn from us to cope up with them and think like a professional trader.
  • Stock Selection for intraday & positional
  • Proactive management of your trade.
  • How to filter out noise.
  • We provide strategic insights which you can rely upon based on our proven record of results. (See our live ledger videos for live proofs)
  • How to grasp Trend Reversal (INTRADAY + POSITIONAL). Formula to tell when the market is about to make a reversal so you can avoid buying high and selling low.
  • A trade is defined as a good trade depending on its quality not quantity. We teach quality trading strategies.
  • Finally how to become a proficient successful trader :):):) We can show you the path & make you follow the path of success. Have doubts? Check out our students' profit screenshots & reviews.
  • Six months support on your positions or any doubts regarding topics taught.


Grab 15+ Highly Powerful Trading Strategies / Techniques

  • Crocodile Strategy For intraday in Nifty & Bank Nifty
  • One Banknifty Price Time action strategy ( Daily U will get 100 points Intraday points)
  • Mutual fund Positional Strategy in Nifty & Banknifty.
  • Gap Up/ Gap Down Strategy
  • Volume Strategy
  • Powerplay 1 & Powerplay 2
  • Trishul Strategy
  • East West Strategy
  • One #TimeBomb Crude MCX Strategy
  • BTST/STBT Strategy
  • Options Strategy
  • Pivot Level Strategy
  • RSI Strategy
  • Patterns Strategy
  • Daily Trading Time Strategy
  • News Strategy
  • Identifying King Research Levels

Who this Course is NOT for

This is purely an educational course so Please don’t register or join to this course if you are thinking of

About King Research Academy Training Courses & Workshops

King Research Academy Has Been Delivering Results like these above for many years

KR actually stacks the odds in favour of the top 3% of traderswho really know what they’re doing, leaving the other 97% to fight over the scraps.

So the question you should ask yourself is, how can I ensure I am one of the top 3%? It's quite simple,you need to register for the advance technical course which provides you with strategies that your competitors either don't know or aren’t using, to ensure you rise to the top of the market and stay there.

We provide a 6 month complete support to clarify your doubts & suggestions on your positions with our KR levels.

Course Details

  • Class Date : 13th Sep 2021
  • Class Type : Online Class
  • Class Time : 9:00PM to 11:30PM
  • Course Fees: Rs 21000 + 18% GST/-

Discount / Offers

Early Bird offer : 10% Discount for first 20-30 members

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Financial markets are volatile in nature and are subject to market risks. Neither Harinder Sahu / Kingresearch nor employees or associates will not be liable in any manner for the consequences of such action taken by you. This is only for educational purposes.

Note: The Subscription Fees, Once Paid is Non-Refundable. We do not have a money-back policy and hence there would be no refunds. Buying any of our services assumes that you agree to all our terms & conditions.

Note: Kingresearch can change its current policy at any point of time.

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